Our fees…


The  daily rate for children age 2 and above is £61 per day. The daily rate for children age 1-2 years remains £65 per day. The rate for a half day is £40 per morning or afternoon for ages 2 and above and £42 per half day for ages 1-2. 

Leaving the nursery or reducing your hours/days

We operate a four week notice period, whereby we require formal  written notice when you decide to leave the setting or reduce your hours/days.


We offer a 10% of discount in the second sibling’s monthly fee, during the months they attend both BCN.

Waiting list

Children can join our nursery from 12 months old and join our waiting list from birth onward. There is a non-refundable fee of £50 to be placed on our waiting list.

Settling-in period

Before your child starts at the nursery, there will be a short settling-in period (usually over a one-week period). This is part of the first month’s fee.

Payment terms

Fees are paid monthly in advance by standing order. Statements and balancing invoices for extra days and services will be issued at the end of each month.


Equivalent to one month’s fees to be payable in advance. It will be returned in full when your child leaves with four full weeks written notice.

Childcare Vouchers

We accept Childcare Vouchers. More info here.

Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE)

Bermondsey Community Nursery is a registered provider of government funded nursery education, the Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) scheme. In the period after your child’s third birthday, the nursery will receive grant funding which will reduce parents’ fees. More information on FEEE is available on Southwark Council’s website.

Please note: Childcare Tax and Working Tax Credits are available from the Inland Revenue to help with up to 80% of childcare costs. The nursery’s management may be able to provide you with additional information on your eligibility.

All children are assessed on admission and continually to identify any special educational needs. If a need is identified your child will be assessed following the SEN Code of Practice.

* fees are subject to change.